International Youth Soccer Training (IYST) is a California based soccer organization that utilizes professional coaches; both domestic and international, to support the long-term growth of soccer players through specially designed programs. We continuously strive to have a positive impact on your local soccer community.

IYST empowers and prepares players to have a positive outlook in their lives, whether it's on or off the soccer field. As an organization, we recognize the importance of developing the necessary physical skills to compete at the highest level and are committed to creating the best possible player through our player development programs

You can hire IYST during the summer months to provide your soccer club or teams to be trained by profressional KNVB liscensed coaches from Holland.

Our player development programs extends internationally, as we provide players the opportunity to travel to Europe to train, compete and experience soccer culture at its best!

Latest News

2007 Soccer Academy We will be holding our annual Soccer Academy in San Mateo this summer.

Hire a Dutch Coach Team/ Club Training Professional coaches from the KNVB in Holland during the Summer for your Teams or Club

International Programs Individual or Team training in Holland.

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